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Full truckload (FTL)

Hawks Transportation with a wide range of experience is committed to providing easy and affordable
tracking solutions for all its valued customers. Our full-truckload (FTL) logistics can assist clients in a cost-
and time-efficient manner for high volume and high capacity needs.
Full truckload services are generally required by businesses that look for bulk items and heavy loads over
long distances. So full truckload shipping can be the best solution for your businesses that are shipping
bulk product to fill an entire truck.
If you want to know in detail about the benefits of full truck load shipping or whether it is the best
option for your business needs, a dedicated team of Hawks Transportation experts is ready to answer
any of your questions.

Some of the major benefits of FTL shipping are:

Fast delivery

Full truckload shipping can be a fast delivery option compared to LTL shipping. Since FTL shipments are
delivered to a designated location, no additional time is wasted on stopping the vehicle for picking up
other cargo or transferring the load to a delivery vehicle along the way.
Reduced Risk

If you plan on shipping sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals or valuable equipment, the use of FTL
shipping will ensure that you have fewer points of contact with your products while reducing the risk of
loss. The use of full truck load shipping means that you will have the entire truckload of your cargo so
you don't have to worry about your goods being damaged by another shipper's cargo or your cargo
being potentially damaged by someone else's cargo. As the truck has no stops on the road, freight
handling is low. This reduces the risk of freight loss or theft.

Low cost advantage:
In full truckload shipping, prices are not made on a per pound (weight) basis. Instead of relying on lane
and mile travel, for example, if the consignment is scheduled to a higher volume destination, the cost of
the consignment will be lower (compared to consignments identified for any other place) because it
would be beneficial for transportation.

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